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About Us

About ICU 2DAY


ICU 2DAY was created to promote small businesses. As a full-service marketing entity that provides advertising in a print magazine, an e-magazine, business reviews and product listings with mobile device applications, our sales team can create a custom advertising package to fit the needs and budget of your business. With banner ads and video interviews included in the online presence, ICU2DAY seeks to deliver all-encompassing marketing requirements for small business owners.

The goal of Our Community Entrepreneurs magazine is to provide consumer-friendly profiles that entice new customers to visit the featured businesses while also highlighting business tips to create a community network between business owners.

The current edition of Our Community Entrepreneurs magazine concentrates on Charlotte and the surrounding towns to highlight the services and wares of small businesses in the area, and to provide insight into how each business started. Maybe the tales told in our pages will draw you through new doors as a consumer, or maybe the experiences shared will inspire your business with new marketing ideas.

Join the community of entrepreneurs. Be a part of ICU 2DAY.