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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it free to use the mobile app?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the coupons and discounts notifications free?

A: Yes.

Q: I am receiving too many discounts and coupons notifications; can I reduce the amount of notifications?

A: Yes. Tap the settings button and only check the categories that you would like to receive notifications from.

Q: What does Save Subscription mean?

A: Once you have checked the categories that you want to receive notifications form they will be saved.

Q: My phone is frozen or has been loading longer than normal what do I do?

A: In the rare event the mobile app is still loading power down your mobile device and power the device back on. Also this can happen when you lose internet connection so check your internet connection.

Q: I would like to add my business to the mobile app search results, do it cost?

A: No. To add your business visit . Then click Register.

Q: How do I contact ICU 2DAY?

A: You can contact ICU 2DAY via email by emailing